Mr. Fancy Pants

Music Quiz

So, as I make the transition over to Google+, I wanted to do a music quiz, for old times sake. All of the song titles on this page have one of two words in them (except the one that has both). I was going to try to do just one word, but I didn't have enough songs.

Can you guess the title and artist (or title and musical if it comes from a show) from the first line of the lyrics? The XXs are the title of the song.

1*. XXXX, XXXX, It's Good To Be Back.
2. XXXX XXXX, Hey, Another night at the palace, cause there is nothing else to do.
3. XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXXX, Here I am at Camp Granada [info]jadasc
4. XXXX XXXX, Well XXXX XXXX. It's so nice to have you back where you belong [info]jadasc
5. You say Yes. I say no! [info]jadasc
6*. XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX You've given me great times. But lately time's been slipping away from you.
7. We're so sad we've no more time together just to drop an anvil on your head.
8. When are you gonna come down? When are you going to land?  [info]jadasc
9*. We've been expecting you Mr. Bond.
10. Bobby's driving to the city tonight through the lights in a hot new rent-a-car.  [info]jadasc
11. I met her in a poolroom. Her name I didn't catch. x_morlock
12. It's true you sold your guitar and bought a car? It's true. ladymondegreen

Numbers 1, 6, and 9 are worth double points because they are from obscure bands. You probably haven't heard of them. :P
Improv Now!

Say Hello to my little Improv Now!

I just had to send a goodbye message to the Screaming Puppets mailing list that was not only a "thanks for the years of support" to our fans, but also an advertisement for my new troupe Improv Now!

It was bettersweet and I'm actually feeling emotional.

In any case, Improv Now has our first show NEXT FRIDAY August 26th in Laurel, Maryland. The official t-shirts came in yesterday. Wow. It all feels so real now.

Hope to see you at the show!
Goddess of the Internets

What next?

Ok, OK, world. I get it. I got the multiple invites. I have added myself to Google+ and dropped friends into the circular buckets.

What do I do with it now?
Marin County New Age Society

June Update for II

The June update for Interactivities Ink is Jim MacDougal's Marin County New Age Society Cocktail Party. This is the entire book as published by Interactivities Ink in 2001 in handy pdf form.

Well, there is one small change. Find it and win a "prize."

The download also includes some keen supporting paper props, like a license for Justin Seyno and letters from Reverend Goodman.

You might ask, "does this mean that you'll be releasing other 4 hour larps on your web site?" And the answer is yes. Look for Mary Celeste, all three Miskatonic games, and even Colonel Rawhide's in the coming months!

On The Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness

LiveJournal, We Have a Problem.

From the LiveJournal support page:

Known Issues

We are aware that some users are experiencing trouble logging in and/or accessing 14/18+ content after logging in. We're looking into it, and apologize for the inconvenience.

I am one of those users. I'm not seeing a lot of comments either. Can people comment here so I know if people are reading my valuable random keyboard mashings?


So, I mistakenly typed Facebook instead of LiveJournal and two people responded to my query about Facebook. Thanks. That actually answers my question even though I asked the wrong one. Thanks again!


Yesterday I calculated how much money Interactivities Ink lost, not including the income from selling the overstock to a liquidator or the expenses of shows and stuff, just lost on printing costs/advertising vs. sales.

I also calculated how much I spent in my week in California, not including airfare.

Guess which was more. Just guess.

It is heartening to know that in this day of POD and RPG Now, I probably could make saleable LARP books with no real overhead and maybe even turn a profit on them. But I'm not sure I want to work on it. I've seen how much my games on The Game Crafter are selling with no real advertising. (I sell a game a month on average, which is actually pretty damn good for no advertising. I wish I knew who was buying them and why, though.)